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Watch lists allow operators to monitor and
search for specific people across your site.

Detect and alert potential breaches with a secure, controlled watch list of known license plates created and maintained by authorized users within your security team. Expand the power of this capability to detect specific people of interest with the optional inclusion of facial recognition technology.

You can create rules and alarms based on different watch lists, as well as monitor live appearances using Focus of Attention or search for recorded appearance events.

Monitor and Identify Authorized and Unwelcome People and Vehicles

Detection Technologies
Recognize Known
License Plates
Identity People
of Interest
Alert Hospital Security
and Law Enforcement

Monitor all roads approaching and surrounding your facilities to detect flagged vehicles from a managed list.

Recognize when a flagged individual has entered your facility perimeter using a managed archive of unwelcome persons. Notify security and law enforcement directly to their devices and software for rapid response when known license plates or individuals enter your perimeters.